TechBuilders 1.0:
  Bayesian Reasoning

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This probably isn’t the first dev event you’ve attended. But it may be the first that comes with the deep desire to reorient people to computer science and math! Dev meet ups and events across Bangalore are focused on languages and frameworks. Very few events (if any) concentrate on the core theory. We say: bring back computer science and math!

We at BeaglesLoft have taken up this challenge and have launched our own TechBuilders program to ensure computer science + math will be more and more embedded into the Bangalore developer community and beyond! Tokick off TechBuilders, we're staring Bayesian Reasoning right in the face! Come for a day of learning, collaboration, and networking. 

* People attending the event should have already gone through our blog post series. 
** No prior knowledge of probability / statistics is needed to attend the event!
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Bayesian or bust!

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Sandipan Chattopadhyay

CTO, JustDial

Mr. Sandipan Chattopadhyay is Chief Technology Officer of Just Dial Limited. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. He has approximately 16 years of experience in the field of technology.

Jonathan Maim

Co-Founder, Minsh

 Dr. Jonathan Maim is co-founder of Minsh, a company creating innovative social apps. Jon obtained his PhD in Computer Graphics at EPFL, Switzerland in 2009: generating, animating, and rendering varied individuals for real-time crowds. Jon organises BangaloreJS, a thriving community of more than 800 developers in Bangalore.

 Barbara Maim

Co-Founder, Minsh

Barbra specialises in social web apps from concept to development and UX. In 2009, she obtained a PhD in Computer Graphics at EPFL, Switzerland, where she took part in the creation of a real-time crowd simulation engine.

She now lives in India, and has co-founded Minsh. She is currently working as a part-time consultant in the social web domain and co-developing a new web-based app that will come out in private beta in a few months.

Niranjan Salimath

Co-Founder & CTO , Haggle

Niranjan is the co-founder and CTO of Haggle, the NY based mobile commerce company. Previously he worked on the engineering teams at Thoughtworks and Proactivenet (acquired by BMC Software). He is extremely passionate about building disruptive new products. He has a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Lalita Reddi

Business Intelligence Engineer,

A data professional with 3+ yrs of experience in various industries: Banking, Research and now e-commerce. Academically, Lalita is trained as an Electronics Engineer with a Masters degree in Engineering Management from Carnegie Mellon.

Santhosh Kumar

Lead Architect,  Cerner Corporation

Santhosh has been a Software Architect with over 9 years of experience in the areas of product engineering, technology strategy, architecture, design and development, working within diverse environments and developing core parts of the healthcare delivery system software. He is Currently leading a diverse team working on both Microsoft and Java technologies. Involved in uplift of VB code to C#.

Asya Tabdili

Community Manager, BeaglesLoft

Asya graduated from UCLA in 2013, and hopped on a  plane to Bangalore. She's been living here for 10 months now and can't get enough dosas.  Asya is here to make sure your BeaglesLoft exprience is as beaglicious as it gets! Questions?  Comments? She's your go to girl! 

Gokul Sengottuvelu

Senior Developer,

While working for as a Senior Developer, Gokul also heads the IOS developer meetup group in Bangalore.  Aside from developing, Gokul enjoys traveling.

Pratik Mandrekar

Software Engineer

Pratik has had an extensive background in Software development and has worked at companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Oracle. He also loves all things media and was the Chief Coordinator Department of Journalism and Media.

Kanwar Singh

Software Developer, Amadeus Software Labs

Before joining Amadeus as a software developer, Kanwar studied at NIT Jalandhar and was the head of the GNU/Linux User Group.

Raghavendra Sirigeri

Chairman at IEEE NITK

When not running IEEE NITK, Raghavendra likes to solve hard computer science  problems, and claims, "Happiness is working them out and feeling accomplished!"

Nikita Katyal

Nikita is currently pursuing her masters in International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore.

Samarth Shah

Engineer, Infosys

Prior to working at Infosys, Samarth has worked at the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad and has also been featured on Netwok 18 for his research work on Kinect with the use of Robots.

Sri Harsha Nooli

Software development Engineer Intern, Amazon

Harsha  has completed his masters in the International Institute of Information Technology. He has previously worked as a project Assistant at the Indian Institute of Science.

Heena Sharma

Heena is a student at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore and is doing her Masters in Technology there.

Debarko De

Software engineer, Hashcube
Debarko has been working with Hashcube that is a cross-platform social gaming company that has developed Sudoku Quest which is one of the biggest social game titles to come out of India.


Founder at Life

The Incredible the Stellar! We look forward to getting brain buzzed with you.